Jazz & Modern


I am giving open lessons for technique in Jazz & Modern in GGC-Bremen. You are welcome to take a look and join.

Current ongoing works:

  1. 17:00 - 18:00 youth, level Basic/Medium

  2. 18:00 - 19:30 adults, level Medium/Advanced

Lessons take place in:

  1. Oberneulander Heerstrasse 105,

  2. Grün-Gold-Club Bremen

  3. 28359, Bremen

  4. Germany

The most important lesson I try to put forward in my lessons is to use the beauty of human body, its geometry, lines, shapes. By putting it in harmony with music, beats, stretches, to design, create and express the magnificence of our physical and mental manifestation.


I love to go out for workshops with pupils or adults who love, enjoy, adore to dance. For Medium-Level I usually give more consciousness and geometry of their body. For advanced classes I like to give a bit sophisticated choreographs, worked out to express every single beat of music.

I very much like working on classic turns, stretched legs and curved arms.

In case of interest, You can invite me as a teacher or let me know your interest, so I put you in my update list


For a general viewer to give a glimpse on what I am working in my lessons, here are some playlists of exercises:

  1. Video Playlist: Classics

  2. Video Playlist: Jazz&Modern

  3. Video Playlist: HipHop Exercises

  4. Video Playlist: Choreographies

Some of the JMD videos:

Jazz & Modern Trainings

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