Soft-Beat-Ballet (shortened as SBB) is a dancing style developed by AnDis (artist nickname: diehortusxana).

The SBB was born from excitement feelings while looking onto girls dancing on pointe-shoes. The very prolonged lines of legs, extended by shaped arms gave an extensive and sophisticated geometry and emotional expression. An extended chance for human body to express specific emotions and visuals towards audience.

Building a new dance style composed of advantages of the pointe shoes along with incorporating the “men” fashion through soft HipHop movements, gave the birth to SBB.

Thus as Soft-Beat-Ballet is named a dancing style where dancer is wearing pointe shoes and showing prolonged ballet lines along with dancing soft HipHop moves.

For a men dancing Soft-Beat-Ballet, a very appropriate expression motif is “late evening, sensual, loving men”. While for women dancing SBB, the roles of “sci-fiction time, modern, skinny, picky, sexy, active lady” or “emotionally melting girl” are well appropriate expression choices.

An appropriate music style for SBB is rhythm with soft beats, like Black or slow-R&B. My personal choice of key music instrument is Cajon, as it delivers simplicity along with soft and vibrant beat.

Soft-Beat-Ballet is named Soft-Beat-Balley, for convenient pronunciation.


Philosophy, Base, Expression, Music

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